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Servicing the Upper Valley Since 1976

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 Knowledgeable, Honest and Reliable. We Take Pride In Our Work.

 Meet Our Team

Tim Forward


"I started working at Forward's Garage when I was 18 years old. I  worked side by side with my father Tom until I took over in 2008. I enjoy seeing costumers I have known for years, and meeting new ones. In my free time I enjoy working out in the woods and on my tractor.  I also enjoy spending time with my family."

Josh Conners

Automotive Technician

I've been at Forward's Garage since 2011 and I really enjoy the time I have been here. I also enjoy working with the people here and working with good mechanics. I'm proud to be a helping hand in the automotive industry. During my free time I enjoy spending it with my family and my two daughters."

Josh Banker

Automotive Technician
"I went to Nascar Tech and have been working in the automotive field since 2003. I started work at Forward's in 2017. I enjoy hunting and hanging out with my family."

Barbara Forward

Office Manager
"I'm really grateful for the opportunity to work here with my family and the great guys here. It's also been so interesting to meet the customers and to learn some of their adventures and stories. When not surrounded by paperwork, I enjoy spending time with my family, taking walks and taking care of our animals. "

Mandy Forward

Office / Automotive Technician

"I have worked at Forward's since 2014. I have grown up around the garage, and it's so nice seeing costumers we have known for years come in and meeting new people. Working here is wonderful, it's like a big family. In my free time, I enjoy being outside doing my landscaping business and being around my family, friends and my dog."

Tom Forward

"I started Forward's Garage in 1976. I retired in 2008. I have made many friends over the years. I still come in every day to check in and chat with everyone."

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